The NOCtool project


NOCtool will be a distributed system and network monitor. At the moment, the implementation has graphing support (currently using the Image library), persistent storage of collected data, the start of a configuration language and a few monitor classes.

Supported monitoring


NOCtool monitors are built around a "score" concept, where any specific monitor has an alert level starting at 0, with higher values indicating a more severe condition.

A monitored network element is associated with one or more monitors and by default the alert level for the piece of equipment is the maximum of any of the monitors attached to it.

NOCtool is designed to have multiple instances running, with data being fed back from front-line monitoring hosts to back-end displays.

Current status

NOCtool is currently a work in progress and not really suitable for deployment. There is web access to the CVS repository and anonymous cvs via cvs -z3 -d co source.

There's some guidance to NOCtool internals, for those who are interested.

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